Volbloc the solution against Anti-Car-Jacking and Anti-Home-Jacking

Volbloc Anti-Car-Jacking is the only car security technology that installs in minutes. The hitech character of the activity makes it possible to preserve the confidentiality necessary for a total efficiency, and a very simple editing. All stolen vehicles are found abandoned within a short range of 1000 to 2500m around the place of the flight.


VolBloc Anti-Car-jacking installs in 15 minutes and with ease:
* No wire to cut
* No welding or crimping wire
* No topping
* No power to recover
* 100% self-connectable connection (plug & play)
* VolBloc preserves the vehicle manufacturer's warranty.
* VolBloc is totally invisible, silent and without subscription without battery.
* VolBloc does not need a cellular network
* VolBloc does not need GPS coverage



VolBloc Anti-Car-jacking is simple to use:
* No manipulation when taking or leaving the vehicle
* No bulky remote control to carry

VolBloc Anti-Car-jacking remains discreet for the manufacturer's revision:

  • Valet mode: available for car maintenance or valet parking without immobilization.
  • Key Sharing (optional): in key sharing mode. Simply pass the key share code to people sharing the car, so that people who share a car can associate the key sharing code after downloading the app to the Smartphone.
  • VolBloc Anti-Car-jacking is an anti-theft device with formidable efficiency. It preserves your property or your work tool. Our VolBloc Anti-Car-jacking solution simply avoids the theft of your car! 5 minutes after her flight she is blocked by a breakdown and give up.



Did you think your vehicle was safe from theft?

110,000 cars are stolen in France every year, 75% are stolen electronically.
Did you know that your Vehicle can be stolen in less than 3 minutes?
No alarm, no subscription, no tracer Satellite or GSM will not protect you from theft.
Finally, the immobilizer electronic manufacturer noted SRA7 by insurance, will not resist 3 min.

The weak point of your vehicle, its OBD socket even with an anti-encryption system that always remains recordable remotely with electronic equipment.

An online team to help you edit.


Avoided The Annoyance Of A Flight

Anti-vol par agression protection avec VolBloc

The worst case scenario: you are not reimbursed. Indeed some contracts do not cover car-Jacking and home-jacking and the absence of a break-in is a refusal of compensation. In the best case you will still have to bear the cost of the franchise and the financial loss, with the risk of your insurer canceling your contract following the theft (risk all the more important if you have recently declared a precedent disaster).


Simple and Effective Use Without Handling

  •  VOLBLOC-SART Bluetooh

Used The VolBloc Kit

VolBloc-Start anti-vol de véhicule

The VolBloc kit includes:

  • Bluetooth IOS / Android connection
  • Relay Bluetooh (Universal Multi-Manufacture)
  • The set-up and operation manual.
  • Automatic activation / deactivation via Bluetooth

VolBloc Bluetooh

VolBloc-Start anti-vol de véhicule
  • Connexion Bluetooh IOS/Androïde
  • Un relais.
  • Le manuel de mise en place et de fonctionnement.
  • Activation / Desactivation automatique par Bluethooh

Construction On Construction Machinery

Protect your work tools VolBloc
Protect your work tools 

Fuel Saver

100% efficiency:
A Super-Compresor Eco-Fuel increases the volume of air generated on a thermal engine by 26%, which has the effect of improving engine efficiency and reduce consumption by 15 to 20% depending on the state of the engine. engine. This is essential for the safety and performance of an engine. This technology has been developed for mounting on all engine displacements and all types of fuels.
Why use a SuperCompresor Eco-Fuel?
A Super-Compresor Eco-Fuel allows to achieve great fuel economy with its technology from a research center for the development of jet engine, energy saving requires!
Strong point?
No moving parts.
Stainless steel design.
No wear.
Quick assembly without technician.
Warranty 5 years.


What attitude to adopt during and after a car-jacking

Car-jacking is a violent act that includes stealing a car by the use of the threat, ejecting the driver while he is stopped. To react well in this kind of situation is essential. Follow the Matmut tips to protect yourself from car-jacking and good reflexes during and after the flight.

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